Sales and Marketing

The Right Sales and Marketing Training Should Be Designed To Give Your Business A Marketplace Boost

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing are important components of a successful business, yet many organizations overlook the vital training necessary to do these jobs well.  Getting the background you need to drive important sales will positively impact your bottom line.  Components of the certificate program include

  • Advertising & Media Strategy (enrolling now, see below!)
  • Consultative Selling (coming soon)
  • Social Media Strategy (coming soon)
  • Negotiating to Yes (coming soon)


Advertising & Media Strategy | View Brochure | View Full Syllabus | Call 940.783.7270 for email for full details or to enroll.  Classes start late February!

Understand media and marketing terms and concepts.  Demonstrate utility of various media strategies and tactics including traditional media, digital media and alternative media channels.  Interpret ethical standards in advertising.  Learn mediamath such as rating, shares, CPP, net/gross rates and projections. Demonstrate media cost efficiencies.


Consultative Selling – Understand Servant Sales Leader approach. Learn a comprehensive prospecting methodology. Develop skills to successfully build client relationships. Discover how to assess customer business needs. Create win-win proposals. Develop clients loyalty and measure sales and service effectiveness. 

Social Media Strategy – Understand technologies and uses of common social media platforms. Link analytical, search and technical objectives to a strategic social media plan. Write correctly and clearly in forms and styles appropriate for the platform. Learn how to adopt appropriate “personas” per client segment. Identify major theories, processes, ethical and legal issues in public relations. Learn vocabulary and writing formats of the public relations practitioner.

Negotiating to Yes – Understand impact of hard and soft argument positions on people and problems. Learn how to separate the people from the problem. Focus on interests, not positions. Generate options for win-win solutions. Develop objective criteria for evaluating alternatives. Recognize and defend against rebuttal strategies.

What You Need to Know.

  • The cost of each individual class is $2,250.
  • The cost of each certification (combo of classes) is $9,000.  Ask us about ways to bundle the classes for savings, and opportunities for financial assistance.
  • Classes are held live one Friday and Saturday a month (over four months) at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.  However, anyone connected to the internet may participate online, a bonus that makes the program affordable and accessible for all.

Ask us for more details.  If you have any questions, please contact Tami Russell at 940.783.7270 or

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