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Take a Deep Dive into Complex Executive Skills - With Programs From Service Industry Leaders

Gain Insight into the Talent, and Training, That Makes An All-Star Leader

PDI and Service Nation Inc. are creating a series of leadership programs designed to give individuals with leadership potential all the tools they need to thrive.  Our programs is set apart by one key trait – all Service Nation/PDI programs are specifically tailored for the residential contracting industry – something you will find no place else.

The Leadership and Management Curriculum Includes

  • Cultivate Your Leadership (enrolling now, see below!)
  • Interpersonal Communications (coming soon)
  • Strategy and Valuation (coming soon)
  • Theories of Persuasion (coming soon)


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Attain leadership skills.  Understand what it means to be a leader.  Explore your values that define you.  Recognize how these values allow you to be successful.  Define your mission, vision and goals.  Build better relationships.  Understand the principles of negotiation.


Interpersonal Communications – Recognize the characteristics of competent communication.  Use various communication strategies. Understand the influence of perception.  Evaluate listening habits. Demonstrate verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  Demonstrate interpersonal conflict management. 

Strategy and Valuation – Recap basic business finance.  Explore shareholder value drivers and company valuation approaches.  Apply valuation tool kits to value your business.  Understand interest rates, stock and debt markets and their influence on buy outs.  Develop toolkits for solving unstructured problems.  Plan succession strategies.

Theories of Persuasion – Learn how source, receiver and message characteristics influence persuasion.  Explore mass communication and interpersonal communication contexts.  Understand social and cognitive influences in persuasive communication. Apply cognitive heuristics and decision-making shortcuts.

What You Need to Know

  • The cost of each individual class is $2,250.
  • The cost of each certification (combo of classes) is $9,000.  Ask us about ways to bundle the classes for savings, and opportunities for financial assistance.
  • Classes are held live one Friday and Saturday a month (over four months) at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.  However, anyone connected to the internet may participate online, a bonus that makes the program affordable and accessible for all.

Ask us for more details.  If you have any questions, please contact Tami Russell at 940.783.7270 or trussell@pdi.org.

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