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Turn to PDI’s Professional Team When Preparing the Mandated Racial Profiling Report

Over the past 15 years, many city and special district law enforcement agencies – including the El Paso and Texarkana Police Departments – have turned to the Professional Development Institute at the University of North Texas (PDI) for assistance in completing the critical Racial Profiling Annual Report mandated by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP).

These yearly reports, created to ensure that law enforcement agencies which make routine motor vehicle stops are in compliance with Texas law, can be complicated and time-consuming, according to PDI’s criminal justice consultant Eric Fritsch, Ph.D. Working with racial profiling experts from PDI who compile and write your report delivers both experience and expertise while producing an independent document that may protect your department in the future.

The consultants who complete your report, Chad Trulson, Ph.D., and Eric Fritsch, Ph.D., are the same researchers who recently completed a comprehensive, multi-year assessment of traffic stops for the Texas Department of Public Safety.  The report can be found by clicking here.

The cost of this service is $2,500, according to Dr. Fritsch.  This competitive rate can be thousands less than other report providers, and the service comes with several unique benefits that only the PDI reporting program can provide.  Advantages of using PDI to complete your annual racial profiling report include:

  • Assurance and confidence when facing allegations.  Inevitably, police departments will be singled out for racial profiling.  Utilizing PDI to compile and analyze the data will provide clients with the assurance to confidently face questions and accusations. Dr. Fritsch and Dr. Trulson are ready to assist your department when these events occur.
  • Objective analysis by university-affiliated racial profiling experts.  Instead of just providing numbers as required on the TCOLE report form, PDI’s report includes an objective, detailed written analysis that matches the analysis requirements specified in the CCP.  Each team member has a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice, with years of racial profiling research experience as well as prior practical experience.  Dr. Trulson ad Dr. Fritsch understand all the realities and responsibilities of police officers during traffic stops.
  • Saved staff time and efforts.  The time commitment to compile the data, interpret it, write up findings and produce the report can be considerable.  Once you’ve captured your data, send it on to PDI, thereby freeing up you and your staff for other matters.  Once we have your data, we take care of the rest.
  • Support beyond the report.  PDI will send clients a professionally produced report, with proper interpretation of racial profiling statistics and compliant with all state-mandated reporting and analysis requirements.  You’ll also receive a comprehensive explanation  of methodological problems caused by the current law as well as a description of how the data should be interpreted.  PDI will also assist you when questions arise about the results of the report.

For more information, contact PDI criminal justice consultants Chad Trulson, Ph.D., at or Eric Fritsch, Ph.D., at


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