Cultivate your Leader

Cultivate your Leader

Training Overview

Are you ready to take control of your career? Cultivate Your Leader is live learning experience based around principles found in Mr. Ali's book, "Cultivate Your Leader". In this program created for high-potential employees ranging from the sales office to the executive-suite, we bring home the point that all employees need realize that they are each responsible for their career successes. We asks participants to explore their values and how they align with their careers and companies,and encourages participants to deliver a problem-solving attitude in their work. A highly interactive session with assessments,videos and exercises.

Cultivate your Leader

Who Should Attend

This program is for high potential employees seeking leadership roles, managers and directors


The training covers the following areas of the book:

  • Start at the Top (Problem Solving Attitude)
  • Know Thyself (Social Style Assessment / Build Relationships)
  • Don’t Fall for Everything (Understand your Values)
  • Begin with End in Mind (Define and execute on Goals)
  • Keep On Trucking (Support System for Continuous Devel-opment)

Key Outcomes

  • Learn to deliver problem solving attitude at the work place
  • Understanding values and defining goals.
  • Build a continuous development approach.


1 or 2 day(s) training program


  • Zain Ali

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