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The 8th Edition of Petroleum Accounting: Principles, Procedures, & Issues is an essential reference for all accounting and financial professionals, practitioners and investors in today’s global energy industry. The 8th Edition, written and produced by a team of consultants and energy professionals, covers vital industry accounting and reporting practices and procedures; considers various changes and updates relative to the SEC, FASB, EITF, and the IRS; and deals with many recent developments affecting energy professionals. The reference is produced in conjunction with leading international professional services firm PWC. Dennis Jennings, former PWC partner and Director Emeritus of PDI’s Energy Programs, is Editor-in-Chief.

PWC Survey of U.S. Petroleum Accounting Practices in association with the Institute of Petroleum Accounting

Published by the Institute of Petroleum Accounting at the University of North Texas and PWC, the survey is a compilation of responses from oil and gas exploration and production companies to a wide ranging series of accounting and disclosure questions. The goal is to analyze industry practices in applying pronouncements of the FASB and SEC. The survey also addresses questions regarding the movement toward international financial reporting standards and the related SEC roadmap. For more information or to order a copy, visit The Institute of Petroleum Accounting website.


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