Dental Assistants In Demand Around the U.S.

Dentistry has evolved a great deal over the past century.  Modern dentistry is making huge strides against the lost of teeth as we age.  All these advances are great news for those seeking careers in dentistry, as offices scramble to keep their offices staffed with great employees.

As a result of field progress and affordability, dentists are finding themselves overwhelmed with all the details that go into making sure that each patient has a great experience while in the office. These dentists are the people who are driving the demand for qualified Dental Assistants across the nation.

Dental Assistants play a vital role in the office.  The Dental Assistant checks vital signs, assists with x-rays, and handles instruments.  The same assistant might also be tasked with cleaning up and sterilizing the treatment area.

According to the American Dental Association, Dental Assistants actually increase the efficiency of the busy dental office. And U.S. News and World Report states that there will be more than 58,000 new openings for Dental Assistants through the year 2024.

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