Online Paralegal Certificate Program Offers Intense Learning Opportunities with No Classroom Time

FALL 2021 DATES – Sept 11 – Nov 7

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Earning a Paralegal Certificate from the Professional Development Institute at the University of North Texas won’t waste your money or your time. This comprehensive 8-week program is all online.  New modules are released each week over an 8 week span, with instructors available for feedback and guidance.

This unique program gives distance learners the opportunity to complete the entire program with no classroom time. Comprehensive materials are included in the program fee. Instructors, course creators and authors include an expert group of attorneys, paralegals and specialists.

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Is This The Right Program For You?

How do you know a program is right for you? For more than 2,500 graduates over the past 25 years, the clear choice has been the Paralegal Certificate Program offered by by the Professional Development Institute of the University of North Texas. Get all the information you need to begin the next step in your career by calling Tami for more information.

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About Our Instructor

Kathryn M. McCauley

Kathryn McCauley has been a PDI Paralegal instructor since 2005 and has been a licensed attorney in the state of Texas for the past 25 years  Ms. McCauley is experienced in litigation, criminal law, and family law, and for 16 years she advised and represented UNT students as Director of Student Legal Services before retiring in 2016.  Ms. McCauley currently lives in Los Angeles, CA., where she enjoys hiking, traveling, good books, and the movies.

Commonly Asked Questions about the Paralegal Profession and PDI’s Paralegal Certificate Program

A paralegal program can be tricky and confusing to navigate at times. That’s why a program leader like PDI is important.  PDI’s Paralegal Certificate Program is one of the most accelerated, cost-effective programs of its kind. Participants can earn a certificate of completion in two months, while other programs cost many thousands of dollars more and can take years to complete.

The format makes it easy to boost your career without spending time away from the office. Newcomers and those already working in the field BOTH benefit from the program.

A Few Words from Others

Hear from several of the many graduates of the paralegal certificate program regarding their experience in PDI’s paralegal certificate program.

“As a busy mom of three, wife, and full time employee, the set up for this online course gave me the structured organization that I needed to stay on track with such ease.  Well done, PDI!  You made it easy for someone like myself to confidently succeed.” – Cortney G.

“The online paralegal program made it very easy for me to continue my education on my own time.  The course was very effective in covering and presenting the information needed for the course exams and tests, I never felt like I was being quizzed on information I had not learned.  The instructors are very helpful and responsive to their students, overall a great online education experience.” – Meagan S.

“I got a job within a month after completing my paralegal course.  This is like a dream come true for a new immigrant like me and I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.  I am about to complete a year in the USA and this has been a wonderful journey so far and I am looking forward for working harder to learn more and get established.  This would never have been possible without your support and guidance.” – Farhana I.

“As a man making a career change late in life, choosing the right Paralegal school was a very different process. PDI-UNT exceeded all of my expectations. The instructors were extraordinary. The staff is top-notch. It was challenging, but I learned more in 8 weeks than I learned in years of college courses. I would pay twice what I did if I had to do it again. It was well worth the money. Thank you PDI.” -Dennis R.

“Thank you PDI! I got my first paralegal job (with no prior experience) the Friday before graduation. I will be getting a $10,000 raise! Hooray! I really enjoyed the program, and obviously, it helped me greatly in beginning my new career!” -Sara S.

“My experience at PDI has been the most informative of my life. Of all the traditional schools and colleges I have attended, I have learned more in eight weeks than over several years. The hands-on knowledge and experiences of each instructor makes all the difference in my ability to understand and apply the abundance of information; I utilize it on my job and in my personal life as well. Thank you for this life changing experience.” -Tish H.

“For the cost and time this program is the best for anyone who is thinking of making a career change and becoming a paralegal. You will gain insight into the position and knowledge of a variety of legal areas to help you plan your future.” -Lisa A.

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