Lean Six Sigma

PDI's Executive Education Curriculum

Better? Faster? Leaner?  Find Out Why Six Sigma Methodologies Help Organizations Exceed Expectations

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Since the 1980s, rising out of a quality management program initiated at Motorola, Lean Six Sigma strategies have helped strong organizations improve outcome of critical projects that impact customer satisfaction.  High value Six Sigma training delivers the tools to better define, measure, analyze, improve and control processes, with the end goal of reduced errors, less waste and improved customer satisfaction.

PDI offers a unique and well-received Lean Six Sigma curriculum focused on quality management techniques that help organizations and savvy employees avoid the problems and pitfalls that doom projects to failure.

Included in the PDI Lean 6 Sigma program established for those seeking the Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt classifications.   PDI’s programs include studies of suppliers, customers, projects, VOC plans, CTQ trees, KANO models, process maps, operational definitions, and much more.

If you are interested in Lean Six Sigma training programs for your organization, contact Jonathon Fite at jfite@pdi.org, or call 817.690.5876.

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