More About PDI’s Leadership Curriculum

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How does any individual master the art of good leadership?  Many understand that making clear-sighted decisions while facing down industry challenges becomes a much easier task with the aid of targeted training created by field experts who understand the pressures of leadership.

For more than 40 years, PDI’s primary focus has been the development and distribution of quality training options for the all corporate levels, from beginner to CEO.  Leaders, and future leaders, have in PDI a number of high-value programs to choose from as they sharpen their leadership skills.

All of PDI’s comprehensive Leadership Development portfolio titles contain numerous topics and training options created and facilitated by industry experts.  Most can be delivered in ways that best suit the client.  Read through the list, here, to identify a program that might best serve you or your organization.  To discuss an immediate training need, contact Jonathon Fite at jfite@pdi.org, or via phone at 817.690.5876.

PDI’s Comprehensive Leadership Development portfolio includes

  • Optimizing Your Personal Performance

  • Understanding Financial Performance

  • Financial Decisions

  • Building Best Teams

  • Leadership Excellence

  • Business Acumen

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