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PDI and Hennessee Education Partners are offering 15 courses under the new Essentials of Oil and Gas Taxation curriculum. This innovative, on-demand programming gives energy tax professionals more choices in on-line only learning.

The new virtual library features courses that are eligible for between one and one and a half hours of CPE, with up to 17 total CPE credit hours available.  Each course is $89.00.

For more information on any course listed below, or to register, click on the “View Course Library” button that appears at the top of this page.

New titles available now include

  • Acquisitions of Oil and Gas Property
  • The Unit of Property for Oil and Gas Taxation
  • Geological and Geophysical Costs
  • Intangible Drilling and Development Costs (IDC) – Identifying Intangible Predrilling Costs and IDCs
  • Intangible Completion Cost (IDC) and Classifying Costs Between (1) Leasehold Costs, (2) G&G Costs, (3) IDC (4) Equipment, and Lease Operating Expenses
  • IDC Elections and Timing Issues
  • Tax Preference IDC for AMT
  • Overview of Oil and Gas Depletion and Cost Depletion
  • Oil and Gas Percentage Depletion, Gross Depletable Income and the New Income Limitation
  • §613A Limitation of Percentage Depletion on Oil and Gas Producers

Coming Soon

  • Depreciation Issues for Oil and Gas Producers
  • Conveyances of Oil and Gas Property – Sublease vs. Sale
  • Oil and Gas Production Payments
  • Conveyances of Oil and Gas Properties Using Sharing Arrangements and Carried Interest
  • Losses and Abandonments of Oil and Gas Properties

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